Now I do not know why you should think so! Many people have this weird notion that it does not make any sense to throw an area rug on your walls when there is already wall-to-wall carpeting. Sure, if you think practically, maybe it is kind of looks unnecessary. But if you want to add some personality and color to your room at an affordable price, there might not be a better option!

A looking area rug with a beautiful design and a vibrant color can be an excellent punch to add some twist to your living space. If you think of redecorating your home within a budget, experimenting with some texturing and layering with rugs on top of carpets is your go-to.

Still not a big fan of layering? When it comes to interior designing, all that matters is your taste. So, well enough, if you think it does not work for you! But you will be missing out on a lot of fun and vibe that you can bring into your room by brightening your space with area rugs, along with additional benefits of soundproofing.

 Now that we guess you are a little convinced with this playful room décor idea, here are a few tips from us on choosing the right area rug for your space:

Tips for Choosing the Right Area Rug:

Tips for Choosing the Right Area Rug

Look for Contrasting Colors and Textures: Usually, the wall-to-wall carpeting in most of our rooms have a very basic or dull color with a neutral tone, maybe beige. Now you do not want your room to look so dull and lifeless, do you? Add on some colors to highlight the best parts of your room by layering a rug on top of carpets with exciting patterns and a different texture, maybe jute or silk.

Avoid Adding Too Many Layers of Fabric: We are infusing an area rug in our room décor to play with some colors and define our room space. Not to pile on mountains that can make the room look rather messy! Try to keep it as clean as possible.

Play with Sizes and Patterns: The entire idea of introducing area rugs into your room is to re-define your space by unifying furnishings and décor elements into a single zone. This highlights different aesthetic parts of your room and sets a common theme and style for space.

If your room is too big and interested in creating partitions, go for smaller rugs that complement each other well. But if your room is not significant, using a single room-sized area rug that covers most of the space might be a better option.

Do not Ditch Rug Pads: Just because it is an area rug on top of carpets and not alone does not mean you completely forget about rug pads. Try to buy rug pads specially designed to be used for rugs over carpets, or you might also go for double-sided carpet tape. Whatever feels nice!

The layering game is an exciting idea to create a fusion of some more colors, designs, and patterns in your room to complement the style elements, so that room’s décor looks a little more complete. Area rugs are a work of art that can add to the feel-good factor! And why wall-to-wall carpeting should deter you from trying it, we do not get that.

Here are some DIY inspirations that can come in handy if you think of re-inventing your room’s style factor by layering area rug on top of carpets.

DIY Inspiration:

Right Area Rug

Mix Things Up: How should you choose a rug that complements is the existing wall carpet? We will tell you. If your carpet is a low-pile or a tight-weave one, you should go for a rug that is a little fancy and luxurious. But if your carpet has a more un-even shaggy appearance, try a rug with more neat patterns. Going for rich fabrics that looks royal will add to the fashion sense.

It is Stripe Time: Not just your clothes, strips are preferable for your rugs as well! Stripes will create an illusion of your room to be more significant. Not just that! It will also add some fun and up-beat to your walls and give a contemporary and stylish look. But if your wall or carpet is already stripped, better to avoid this hack.

Less is More: Whether it is fashion or makeup, or even your room décor, minimalism is the trend. If you have a room packed with many statement elements and is loud with colors, go for simple, low-key area rugs on top of carpets with light pastel shades and not too many designs. Such a sense of styling will look comforting yet elegant!

Have Some Fun with Shades: Do not be boring! Adding the same color throughout a stretch will not do what the rug was meant to do. Break the monotonous tone! Experiment with bold as well as light colors, whatever suits your style. But choose at least 2-3 colors.

Add that Princess Feels: Imagine you get up from your bed from a sound sleep, and the next thing you step on is a lovely, flurry rug! Won’t it feel so comforting and warm? Putting a rug on top of carpets fluffy and feathery with a styled contrasting shade can be “The Look” for your room.

Set the Mood Right: You do not want to convey the wrong message with the interior of your room, do you? Depending on your taste, if it is your bedroom, you might want to set a more romantic tone. Well, then go for some solid pastel or peachy hues! But if it is your living space or your children’s play area, you might want a funkier look. Then stripes and bold popping colors are your go!

Ease Yourself with Some Extra-Coziness: You all snuggled up in your tiny bedroom with a blanket and a cup of hot chocolate! Did you smile? Well, you can make the room feel even extra-comforting with just some simple room décor trick. Do not believe us! Try adding a beautiful rusty woolen area rug on top of carpets and see how it creates magic. Paired with some lovely lights and curtains, the entire look and feel of your room can change.

Play the Pattern Game: You want your area rug to add some contrasting effect to your room? Fair enough! But going all outright outrageous is not a bad idea too. It is unnecessary that if your carpet or furniture already has significant patterns in them, you cannot think of fun patterns for your area rug. Just be careful to pick up a different pattern and stand out from its surrounding textiles.

Customized Options are The Real Trick: Cannot find the right sized area rug for your space? Do not settle! Talk with your carpet dealer to get some beautiful customized options for area rugs in whatever size you want. There are some pretty patterns with a variety of textures and shades available out there. Do not miss out! You can also use some DIY skills to get your ideal rug size.

Do not Commit the Room Décor Crime of Leaving the Living Room Bare: Why would you even think of leaving your hall room without a rug! Living room spaces are your best opportunity to show off some class and lure your guests with the most expensive furniture.

But what if you cannot afford to spend so much? An area rug on top of carpets is the cheapest answer. It can make space feel and look good so much better! If you are planning to attend your Skype calls out there, what is better is the advantage of soundproofing that you can get from area rugs.

The Pretty Area Rug Does Not Deserve to be Hidden by Furniture: Are you planning to buy an area rug that has a uniform pattern throughout? Well, then, you are safe! Even if big furniture hides the most of the rug, there will be a consistent view in the background.

But if your thing is intricate patterns and elegant designs, you will have to be quite careful! Do you want the best parts of your rug with the gorgeous designs and patterns to get hidden behind colossal furniture? We guess no.

So be careful while placing your area rug or furniture, either of them. When the design is more asymmetrical, place it behind furniture which is not so bulky and has a thinner, open frame. Save the background from looking bad!

 A “Postage Stamp” Size Rug is a Big No-No: We have told this many a times before, an area rug is meant to anchor all the highlight pieces in your room into a single zone so that it stands out. So, if you mindlessly scatter bits and pieces of rug anywhere in your large room space, it will look all odd and aloof.

A tiny rug in a big seating arrangement will capture so much attention that your space will look even smaller than it is. That is the human eye illusion!

We guess we have convinced you by now that it is not at all dumb to put an area rug on top of carpet. Instead, it is an exciting idea to make your room look even better!