Building or renovating a house is not a kid’s play. This is also not something which we do very oftenly or do regularly after a fixed period of time. It is something which should be done once in a while and needs proper care and focus whole doing this.

Any small error or a little bit of miscalculation can lead some serious problems which will then create even bigger problems for you. Therefore, it is very necessary to stay calm and do your work with care and proper calculations. Assigning a professional is a must as you can not do renovation of your house by your own.

One of the common thing which creates problems and asked by many homeowners is the height of the ceiling. People are very confused about what height their ceilings should have.

What Should Be the Height of your Ceilings

Most of the people doesn’t even know that there is a kind of rule which states what should be the minimum and maximum height of your ceilings. The rules vary states by states and country by country. Height of the ceilings also varies with the types of rooms or area as well.

In this article, we are going to discuss about all the necessary details you should know about. All the information regarding the ceiling height is here. After some research we have also gathered the official guideline one should follow while fixing their ceilings. If you are planning to build a new house for you or renovation then you are in the right place.

What Should Be the Height of your Ceilings

What Should Be the Height of your Ceilings

Look, this question doesn’t have a straightforward answer. This is not something that anyone can tell or give you the exact numbers. This is something which depends on a lot of factors. It depends where you live, what kind of house you want to make, what type of rooms you are going to make in your house as different rooms have different ceiling heights. That is why there are certain guidelines about the height of ceilings for every part of your room. Whether it is your kitchen, bathroom, living room, hall, attic room, closets all have different ceiling heights.

This doesn’t mean that you can make your ceilings at any height. No, there are certain limitations whether it is by the policymakers or by your own ideas. You have to fix your ceilings to a certain height not a cm more not a cm less.

If you will go into the past then you will notice that at that time the height of ceilings was used to be around 7 to 8 feet. We all know that things change over time and similar things happened with the ceilings as well. Nowadays, if you ask anyone about the standard ceiling heights then most of them are going to tell you that it is 9 feet. Some will agree while some will not. That’s why we have told you that ceiling height depends upon a lot of factors.

Are 10 Feet Ceilings Enough?

A 10 feet ceilings will be better if you are planning to make your ceilings designer or want to install crown moldings as well. What they will do is, they will make your ceilings look a bit smaller and will also give a beautiful look to your ceilings.

If you are renovating your house and want to increase or decrease the height of your ceilings to your desired height then it will be better to do it relatively. This means, to increase or decrease the height of your ceilings will require a lot of people, money, and time as well. Therefore what else you can do is you just change the look of your house in such a way that your ceiling seems smaller than before.

There are a lot of ways through which you can do this. Crown moldings are the perfect choice for it and other things are changing windows length, making your door a bit short, changing the color scheme of your house and a lot like that. This will make your ceilings look smaller than before.

10 feet height for a ceiling is 1 foot more than the standard ceiling height. This may make your house look different from others and you may have to change several things in your house to make it look perfect. Therefore, make a ceiling which suits your house and makes it beautiful rather than going for the heights only.

Will 12 Feet Ceilings be Better?

We have already told you about the standard ceiling height which is 9 feet. What does it tells us? Is this the lowest limit or highest limit? The answer is that most of the house or we can say that this is the height which is common among all the houses you will see around you.

People are making their ceilings at 9 feet which is common if you have a normal house. But, if your house is a large one which has a king-size bedroom, bathroom, kitchen a huge hall then surely you are not going to fix your ceilings at 9 feet.

You can make 12 feet high ceilings only if you have a large house. There are a lot of people who have 12 feet high ceilings and this is not the highest limit, there are houses with ceiling height of more than 12 feet.

So, we can’t tell exactly what should be the height of your ceilings till we don’t have other details of your house as well. But, we can tell you in which houses 12 feet high ceilings will look perfect.

A big house with king-size bedrooms, bathrooms, and a hall can go for the ceiling of height 12 feet. To make it look more beautiful you can use crown moldings and chandeliers as well. This will make your house look stunning and in addition to that, your house will also not look like an empty sack.

Why Ceilings Height Matters a Lot

Ceiling Height

You should know that ceiling height was never meant to be only for looks and designs. We began to make houses to separate ourselves from the environment outside. We have used ceilings not to make our house look beautiful but for a lot more. A perfect ceiling height is very important as this can help you in many ways.

A smaller room is easier to warm and cool. That’s why old houses have smaller ceilings as at that time there was no temperature regulators to maintain the internal temperature of houses. As the technology improved people began to do experiment with their houses and their interior. Nowadays, there are a lot of appliances to balance your house’s internal temperature.

But, don’t forget that they use energy as well. They can fix the internal temperature of a small house very quickly. A fascinating fact about short house is that it can make itself colder or warmer by itself. We all know that heat rises, this will fill the smaller rooms with warmth easily.

A larger house will require a lot of time to get filled with warm air due to the karger volume it has. Similarly, cooling a larger house will also take a lot of time. Therefore, in terms of maintaining internal temperature, a short house looks better than the karger one. This doesn’t mean that shorter houses are best and large ones are worst.

Higher ceiling’s heights also have its own benefits. In warmer climates, it is easier to make a house cooler which has higher ceilings heights. They look luxurious as well and gives your house a more open look rather than making it cramped or cooped up. Therefore, it will not be wise if we say that one is better and the other one is worse. It all depends on our needs and preferences.

What to Consider Before Adjusting Ceiling Height

Height of your Ceilings

So, before you begin fixing your ceilings to certain heights by just looking at the cost or by just reading the reviews of people take a look at the things you should consider before fixing your ceiling’s heights.

Types of ceilings

This is something which can alter your ceilings heights to a great extent. There are types of ceilings which is not straight or flat like a tray. They are inclined or curved which can make your taller ceilings look shorter and shorter ones look taller. Therefore be very alert while selecting the type of ceilings you want to fix above your head.

Generally there are 4 types of ceilings which are available everywhere.

1. Flat ceilings :- This is the most common ceiling. This looks very simple and quite beautiful if crown moldings are used. Flat ceilings don’t have many varities and if you can make it a little but creative by your own ideas then it will be better. In this either you can have a flat ceiling or you can add margins as well and at the center of your ceilings there will be an open space. Which you can use accordingly

2. Vaulted ceilings:- This one is taller than the flat ceilings as these ceilings have curves that give you extra ceiling heights. In this, there are 4 options to choose from which are Cathedral, Barrel, Groin, and Cloister. Cathedral is the one which we have at the attic which is pointed upwards and joints to roof pitch at a point. The barrel is the curved one that is not pointed like a cathedral. The groin is the combination of two barrels which is intersecting each other at 90 degrees. The last one is the cloister which is basically like a dome-shaped rising from the walls to a point.

These are the necessary things you should know before fixing your ceiling height. Hope you have liked it.

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