Maintaining a well-trimmed lawn is tough, and sometimes you need better commercial equipment for your garden than just a lawnmower. It does not matter whether you have a mid-size or a large lawn.

Technology makes it all easy. Both Briggs and Kohler are popular names when it comes to engines for a smooth ride. There are both excellent and lousy Briggs and Kohler engine reviews, and the opinions are mixed.

There is no one answer. Here we have tried to give our viewpoint of which we think is a better engine.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Kohler or Briggs Engine

Briggs vs. Kohler


The lawn product brands that use the Kohler engine are Toro, Craftsman, Poulan, and John Deere. Companies like Ferris, Simplicity, and Snapper are fans of the Briggs and Stratton engine. Briggs provides a four-gauge wheeled engine which makes the ride more comfortable than the two-gauge wheeled engine by Kohler.

But Kohler offers a deluxe steering wheel for better maneuvering, whereas Briggs only provides a standard steering wheel. The cost of the Kohler engine is usually higher due to their premium quality and superior performance.


Both Briggs and Kohler have easily readable gauges and provide a lot of extra features like cruise control or the technologically advanced Lawn Scraper cutting deck, which adds to the comfort of the rider and provides a sharp, precise cut.


Size is an essential factor when it comes to engine selection. While choosing a particular engine, make sure it is well-fitted for the job it will be assigned and also check the terrain compatibility. Also, as the user, you must be able to operate an actual size efficiently.

Quick Comparison Between Both the Brands

  • Kohler engines guarantee more premium features than Briggs, and their designs are futuristic with a vision of making your life easier.
  • Kohler engines have emerged before Briggs and have successfully managed to pass all the tests of toughness and strength in the world of commercial engines.
  • Much of the Kohler engine review emphasizes the fact that Kohler is more focused on quality than Briggs is. Though Briggs tries to make the standard of their products as well as affordable, the brand Kohler has only survived on high-end class features.
  • If affordability is the winning factor for Briggs, it is reliable for Kohler. Their engineering team conducts thousands of performance tests and design innovations that can blow away your mind.
  • Not to miss out, two of the innovative features of Kohler engines- EPI (Electronic Fuel Injection KDI (Kohler Direct Injection) make it stand out among all other leading engine-producing brands of the world.  

Premium Features of the Kohler Engine

Kohler engines, with their unique FPI technology and superior power with no hassle of carburetors at all, ensures the best performance. Kohler Co. offers you the broadest range of options when it comes to engine models, each of them having different useful features and abilities.

You can choose the one which best suits your requirements. You will also get a lot of fuel options to select from like Gasoline, Diesel, Propane, Tri fuel, and even environmentally safe natural gas. The engines are available as twin, quadruple, single, and even triple cylindered.

Do you need the perfect engine for your lawn and garden or the ideal engine for a power generation construction site? Does not matter. You will never run out of options when it comes to Kohler.

Best series offered by Kohler:

1. Courage XT650 Kohler Engine Review

Courage XT650 Kohler Engine

One of the best choices for your lawn mower is the Kohler courage XT series. The perfect sleek design and superb flexibility and performance make the mowing process incredibly effortless.

You will not find a more reliable engine than this for your garden equipment. The hydraulic lifter and closed-loop fuel injection features make it unbeatable.

Some of its best features are:

The Innovative Tank Fuel Design

Want to make the tank filling process completely hassle-free? This engine offers the latest technology of Accu-fill, which is an innovative way for tank-refilling. Do you know what is so special about this technology?

Usually, engine mowers have a vertical fuel neck, but this technology features an angled fuel neck, which has a 45% larger opening. This makes fuel filling technology much more efficient. Also, it has a red fuel level indicator, which is a great way to save fuel. In this way, you can easily monitor when the tank is getting wholly filled.  

The smooth smart-choke System

This engine also features a premium Smart-choke feature, which saves a lot of your time and makes the startup process hassle-free. It also has an easy pull recoil starter, which eases the process of pulling. 

The friction is reduced to a great extent, and starting your engine comes at your fingertips. There are other smart features as well, like energy-saver electric start, extended battery life, and lesser energy consumption.

2. 7000 Series KT740 Kohler Engine Review

7000 Series KT740 Kohler Engine

Are you looking for an engine with the best energy efficiency and high power? This engine, with it is 2X longer life and durability, is your go-to.

Some of the best features are:

Superb Construction

Most engines use aluminum for lining up the body, but this model is lined up with cast iron. It also features superb air, oil, and fuel filter capacity and an advanced filtration package. The pressure lubrication feature helps in the best lubrication of the sensitive components in the engine. This increases engine life to a much greater extent.

Easy start

This engine also features a smart-choke technology that gives the engine an immediate start, and it does not matter whether it is a chilling cold temperature or hot outside. The best commercial design, 25 hp twin cylinder gasoline models, and a three-year limited warranty all make it a fascinating deal.

3. Command Po EFI ECH650 Kohler Engine Review

Command Po EFI ECH650 Kohler Engine

Do not waste your dollars! Purchase the king of power and fuel savings. Ever imagined a single-engine containing both the qualities? This engine lowers the fuel and operational costs to such an extent that it becomes a huge money saver, great performer, and highly reliable. Research has shown that using this engine, and you can approximately save $1 per hour on a 600 sq. Ft. Lawn.


Great Performance Optimization

The advanced sensor feature of the engine helps in performance optimization and reduces downtime. The EFI diagnostic software makes troubleshooting easy, and there are other premium features as well, which you will enjoy.

Features of the Briggs Engine

If you want the best value for your bucks and your engine to last long, this might be the right choice. Briggs and Stratton offer a variety of lawnmower engines and air-cooled petrol engines. A light, quiet engine that mows your lawn like a dream is Briggs. It is groundbreaking technology, and the latest range of innovative design engines will not fail to impress you.

Their engines are tough and easily maintained. But this Kohler engine review can give you the fact that it has a far better design and lasts longer as compared to Briggs. The performance of Kohler engines is far better than that of Briggs, and they offer a lot of smart, innovative, and automated features that can give you premium comfort while riding.

Let us look at some of their popular models:

Briggs and Stratton 550EX Series Engine

Briggs and Stratton 550EX Series Engine

Want the most effortless combination of unbeatable packaging and valuable performance? This best-in-class engine with low vibrations and quieter operation can be an excellent option for you.

Briggs and Stratton 725EXi Series Engine

Briggs and Stratton 725EXi Series Engine

Lightweight, re-designed, easily maneuvered, and easy-tool access is the premium features of this Briggs engine. Other innovative features like the no-choke; fast speed rev can make this model your favorite.

Briggs and Stratton 850 Series Engine

Briggs and Stratton 850 Series Engine

This design is the best combination of power, class, and performance. It offers a lot of high-end commercial features like quieter operation, easy starting, and long life.

Bottom Line

Replacement of the Lawn Mower engine is quite a typical procedure. The delicate part is to choose the right replacement. Purchasing an engine for your lawnmower is both a crucial and long-term investment.

So, make sure to choose the best lawnmower engine and the right fit for your machine. Consider all essential factors before buying the best lawn mower engine, such as reliability, power, and maintenance.

Kohler makes good and superior designs in engines. They are best balanced and have pressurized lubrication that makes your ride smooth. Kohler engine review indicates that they happen to be one of the high-end engines with a massive mowing deck.

Briggs makes good engines too, but you must be careful because they are tested for different levels of service and reliability. So, spend your money on a reliable mower that gives you excellent performance always for years.