If you have been trying to find a solution to the bedding and space issue in your guest bedroom, but are tired of not finding what you are looking for, let me tell, you are not the only one. This is a fairly common problem but being a common problem does not mean it has a straightforward solution.

Most solutions came down to narrowing it down to either of the two things requested, it is either a pop-up trundle or a twin XL trundle but never both. The internet is flooded by the search for this request, and we decided to look it up.

The issue is real and not a recent one; not everyone has or even wants a large guest bedroom or more than one guest bedroom and wants to be able to accommodate the guest in a room comfortably. It is a reasonable thing to ask but has very few. We could not find exactly what you have been looking for or an ideal solution. But we did find some decent alternatives, that we assure you will not let you down if you give a try.

The following are some solutions suggested for the guest bed drama.

Advice for Twin XL Pop Up Trundle

This is one and the only solution that can help you get precisely what you want; the rest of the ideas are good but involve a little compromise or effort to make it on your own. In this option, https://ultimatesleep.com/, you can call them and place a particular order for an XL twin pop up trundle. It cost $700 for both frames.

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Utaker stackable bed These beds by Ikea are an excellent alternative for a pop-up trundle. They are pleasant to look at, affordable, and user-friendly. Mattress and bed liner are sold separately and are available in King size. The company is reliable, and the simplicity of the design looks outstanding in any home, with any design because it takes the essence of the room and makes it, it is own.


If you are a DIY person, you can make what you want. You can get a day bed and replace the frame with a twin XL frame and mattress and use the regular trundle with an XL frame without a guard, which will not prevent the XL mattress from fitting. A pop-up trundle can manage 250 lbs weight. It shall work unless it is used daily. But do use it with care. 

It is not that difficult to make, and you can get what you want and customize the things you need. The best part of making something yourself.

Bunk beds are great alternatives for a twin trundle, they save floor space, are convenient and easy to use, and with the right choice of bed, they can even blend in and look pleasant in a house and set a quirky element if you select it that wise. There are so many designs of these beds in the market for you to choose the best from. You get to choose from a wide range is another advantage here.

They are effortless, affordable, and low maintenance. Quirky is in trend, and you may think it might end up looking immature but let us inform you that it is entirely dependent on the décor of the room and the interior.

Here is a website link that offers a twin xl trundle bed, the way you want. Only the frame is also available for purchase if you want that for the solution that was suggested above. This itself can be an excellent bed for your guest room, but a Pop-up trundle is not available on this website like we were initially looking for.


Here is a site where you can find a Custom design for trundle beds- XL and regular. They can offer some great solutions to storage issues and guest beds, but the issue is they do not do pop-up trundles. But it still can be a great alternative to a twin Xl pop-up trundle bed.


With this one, we wind up the list of online stores that can provide you with a great option to set in your guest bedroom. It is sophisticated and adds value gracefully to the room of its presence. It is an excellent fit for homes with most styles and décor themes.


This was about it with the solutions, cause as I said, very few stores, even online, have a twin XL trundle plus pop-up makes it more difficult to find. Hence, a few suggestions were alternatives that will work great and bring comfort for guests, and not take too much space as you require.

Most ideas may not be what you had in mind, but they will get the job done efficiently, look pleasant, add aesthetic value, and provide comfort to your guests in a pocket-friendly manner. None of the ideas suggested requiring much floor space too, it might not be what you expected, but you will not know it is better without giving it a try. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Trundle bed comfortable/ good idea?

Trundle beds are a good idea where one needs to increase the floor space. Pop-up trundle bed creates a wide sleeping surface because they can be raised to meet the height of a regular bed. Hence that will not create any problem. Further, comfort relies on one thing, a mattress. The mattress makes the bed comfortable and relaxing.

Depending on which mattress is required by your trundle bed, you can decide for yourself if it is a good idea or not. If it requires the thin mattress (anywhere around 8 inches) or the standard thick one (around 11 -13 inches) when you find out, you have got the answer.

Is a trundle mattress smaller than a twin bed?

Most of the time, a standard twin mattress size fits right into the trundle frame. The dimensions of the standard twin mattress are 75 inches long and 39 inches wide, which in most cases are appropriate for a trundle bed and day bed.

You can ensure this yourself by measuring the frame of the trundle bed. There some places where you do find trundle beds in full size, but the twin XL mattress is more significant for that in most cases, and hence measuring the frame while purchasing anything would be recommended to be on the safe side.

Can you use a trundle bed for storage?

Yes, you can use the trundle bed for storage. That was not the intent of it, but the bottom line remains it can be. The rolling storage can be alternated to be used for storage if you decide not to put a mattress, it can be used as a vast drawer to store things.

Most people in the hostel and dorms use trundle beds in this manner itself. Some trundles are even designed with an additional drawer, which is not as big as the other one, but it maximizes storage and, hence giving more space. The utility factor in a trundle bed is not questionable.

How does a trundle bed work? 

The basic concept of a trundle bed is to provide a sleeping area for two but use space for one. But all trundle beds do not work in the same manner because there are various types like we here talked about pop up trundle, and then there is one with the roller that conveniently slides under the bed.

Can you put a trundle bed under any bed?

It can slide under a bed, which can provide space of at least 12.5 inches for the trundle to fit beneath, including clearance. But various trundles have different heights, and this was the minimum clearance needed. Most beds can clear these conditions, and hence yes, and you can easily find a bed that can be a primary bed to a trundle.

Final thoughts

No one wants to make their guest feel uncomfortable or make them feel like a burden and drive off friends and visitors due to a small issue. Nor do we want that your guest becomes trouble and cause backstage drama at your home over such things, and that is why tried to help up to our potential and share as much and information as we could find. To make things easier.

We are optimistic that you find this helpful, and finally, you could find a twin Xl trundle bed that can solve the problems you have been facing with a guest bedroom. Also, we hope some talented business mind figures out this problem and starts manufacturing win XL pop-up trundle beds; that would end up to be a fantastic entrepreneurial journey, and if you do find something like that to drop the link or contact information for our other readers to benefit from it. And if you do try any of these out, do let us know it turned out to be.

Happy buying!!