The Honda GCV160 is a small single-cylinder internal combustion gasoline engine that is manufactured by Honda Motor Company in 1997. It is a small shaped gasoline engine that has weak power but good enough to operate small applications used by the hands.

It has a self-air controlling feature, which reduces the heat and temperature, produced during the operation. It is a 4-stroke engine that has a vertical shaft, and it is environmentally friendly.

Honda GCV160 is smaller in size and has good enough power to run small machines. It is an ideal engine for small devices like pressure washers, lawnmowers, agricultural equipment, and forestry equipment.

It is a lightweight engine that offers a quiet, powerful, and lightweight combination for demanding application. In some cases, the driver stopped working when the driver sits idle for a long time. So, if your Honda gcv160 will not start, then you can read to post to make it work again.

Features of Honda GCV 160 Lawn Mower

Honda GCV 160 Lawn Mower Review

In this article, we are going to talk about the main problems of Honda GCV160 and how to deal with them, but first, we need to know what it offers.

Quiet and reliable

Honda GCV160 is a small engine that is ideal for hand machines. It works smoothly, and it produces less pollution. It is a lightweight engine, combination, or excellent features which used to fit in the small demanding application which can be run on the small engines or less power.

Compact and lightweight

GCV160 is the lightest engine of its class that features the world’s first general-purpose internal timing belt. It contains a compact combustion chamber, overhead cam design, and unblock formation to reduce fuel utilization.

Internal timing belt

It has an internal timing belt that provides mobilizing and machined work. As in result, it produces low vibration. Honda’s inner timing belt runs in oil, which improves lubrication and produces quieter work.

Easy maintenance and use

This is one of the most user-friendly creations of Honda Motor Company. The engine can start quickly, whether it is hot or cold; it is ready to use immediately. Once the engine starts and running up then, the Auto Choke automatically returns to an excellent operating system. It is made to reduce the starting effort with the elimination of cords and levers.

To maintain its work fine and free movable part, when you put the oil in then, it offers easy access to the oil in it. It is designed to protect and make the engine long-lasting, and it is easy to operate. You can efficiently service it by removing external parts. Then, you can clean the interior easily.

Here we are going to describe all about the Honda GCV160, but before moving towards it, we get to know about the Honda Motor Company.

About Honda Company

Honda GCV 160 Lawn Mower

Honda is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation primarily known for automobiles, motorcycles, and power equipment manufacturing. It has been the world’s largest motorcycle company since 1959. It is a Japan-based multinational company founded by Soichiro Honda and Jake Fujisawa in 1948 in Hamamatsu, Japan.

It is the world’s largest automobile company that manufactures various items. Here we are going to talk about their motors.

Honda is the largest engine manufacturing company, and it produced the highest number of drivers until now. The Honda provides the engines with a wide variety of designs, and their models vary by their uses, fuel consumption, and power. This article is all about the Honda GCV160, and it is a small shape engine that has enough ability to run small machines.

Honda GCV160 is a gasoline engine which eliminates the cords and levers, and this makes it user friendly. It has some internal features which reduce the utilization of fuel and makes it a bit pollution-free engine.

Honda GCV 160 Common Parts

It is hard to describe the crystal-clear structure of Honda GCV160, but here I am going to enlist some common parts that every gasoline engine has.

Outer body

The outer body of the engine is one of the most essential parts of it that must be strong because it will be going to protect all the interior components from every damage. The outer body of the engine is made up of heavy-duty stainless metals. Also, it has some adjustment that protects the interior from water and dirt.


The carburetor is a device used to mix up the air with a fine spray of fuel, and it has a valve that allows the gas to get in. The carburetor has the following components: a storage chamber for liquid fuel, a choke, a slow running jet, a carburetor bowl, and an accelerator pump.

Ignition coil

The ignition coil is an induction coil used in an automobile’s ignition system which transforms the battery voltages to the thousands of volts that needed to create a spark in the spark plug to instigate the fuel.

Spark plug

It is a plug that is attached to the engine and connected with the ignition coil. When the ignition coil produces a spark in the spark plug then, the spark plug helps to move the spark towards the fine spray of fuel to get ignited.

Fuel filter

A fuel filter is a filter that is fitted in the filter line, helps to separate the dirt and dust particles from the fuel. It is a delicate part of the engine because it can be clogged easily. It separates all the dirt from fuel and makes it fine spray that can be ignited easily.

Inner timing belt

The timing belt is fitted at the interior of the engine. It helped to provide quiet operation and mobilized work, which leads to low vibration. It improves lubrication and offers excellent working.

Honda GCV160 will not Start Fix

Honda GCV160 will not Start Fix

If your Honda GCV160 does not start, then check out the following basics to fix the problems.

Oil level

Every engine utilizes mobilizing oil to protect the driver and make it long-lasting. If your Honda GCV160 does not start, then, first and foremost, you should check the oil level. If the oil level is low, then pour some in it because GCV160 does not start when the engine oil is little.

Air pressure cleaning of the gas tank

There is a tank which used to store the gas to run the engine by utilizing the gas from it, that tank is known as the gas tank but in gasoline engines. With time, gas will turn venomous and bad, which starts producing dirt in the tank, and that dirt might be turning in the clogged tank, which will not let the engine start. If your GCV160 is having this problem then, you should go for the air pressure cleaning for the gas tank.

Clean the carburetor

The carburetor helps to mix up the fresh air with the fine spray of fuel, but if the carburetor gets clogged by the dirt particles of fuel and air then, it won’t let the air pass and start the engine.

To fix this problem, you have to put a vessel under the carburetor to catch the fuel spills, then loosen the nuts by the help of wrench and remove the carburetor bowl by hand, which lets the clogged gas to drip out and then you can clean all the dirt from the carburetor.

Maintenance schedule

If you want to bring out the best of your Honda GCV160, then you must service it with the actual period. Before every use, you should check the oil level and air cleaner. With the proper gap, you should check all the parts that can be clogged by the session, and you must clean it both before and after the use.

How to Increase Your Honda GCV160 Engine Life?

Here we are going to enlist down some basic things that improve your engine work and make it long-lasting.

Changing engine oil

Usually, the engine utilizes the mobilizing oil Ty that helps the parts not get clogged and move freely. If you want to improve the condition of your engine and increase its life then, you must change the engine oil from time to time. Before every use, you must check the engine oil; if the engine runs with the less amount of oil, then it will be harmful to the engine.

Cleaning air cleaner

The air cleaner is much like the filter, by which air passes, and it will not let the dirt particles to get in. This is the only part of the engine that gets clogged very quickly. If you want a pollution less quiet operation, then you must clean the air filter before and after every session.

Spark plug inspection

It is the plug, in which spark get created by the ignition coil and move towards the fuel to ignite. Dirt particle can easily clog the spark plug to work properly, and once the spark plug gets clogged, then it will not let the engine start. To get a perfect operation and trouble-free start, you must clean the sparking plug after every session.

Fuel filter cleaning

The fuel filter is fitted in the filter line, where it must filter the fuel and separates dirt and dust particles from it. It turns the fuel to a fine spray that ignites easily. If the fuel filter of your engine is clogged, then it will not let the fuel die from it. To fix this problem, you should take your engine to a service center to clean it.


So, it was the solution post if your Honda gcv160 will not start. Here we have described some underlying problems which will not let the Honda GVC160 start and how to fix them with some care instructions. If you find this article helpful, then kindly share your views.