As their name suggests, Kohler engines manufacture horizontal and vertical engines. They manufacture these engines for lawn mowers, construction equipment, tractors, welding machines, and other heavy working equipment.

They have established their presence around 100 years ago and still are in the lead of the engine manufacturing business. These engines have a cross-reference number, which helps to recognize them. We now focus on the engine with KH-12-050-01 as the cross-reference number.

KH-12-050-01 Oil Filter

Every engine has an oil filter that removes contaminants from engine oil, transmission oil, hydraulic oil, or lubricating oil. Like every other part, after a while, you need to replace these oil filters with new ones. The older they get; their functioning turns that poor. To replace the part, you need a genuine piece that fits your Kohler engine.

Finding Genuine Replacement

Each original piece of equipment of machinery has a cross-reference ID or number that matches the engine. Similarly, while purchasing the filter, you need to check the cross-reference number and not just physical dimensions.

Sometimes we think physical dimensions are enough to buy the spare part, but it is not that case every time. Sometimes, it does not work that way. Everything that can fit the screws does not function correctly. You need a genuine spare part coming from Kohler, and any other third-party part will not work.

Not just third-party, but you cannot also fit Kohler’s oil filter of another engine that has the same measurements. If it is holding, then it just means that the screws are fine, and the dimensions are identical. Just because it fits, it does not mean that they function similarly.

Identifying the Number

To identify genuine parts, as discussed above, you need a cross-reference number or ID. In this case, we are talking about the KH-12-050-01 cross-reference number. This number is used as a reference to get a new spare part of the oil filter.

You can see these digits inscribed on the side of the filter. The digits ’12 050 01′ are visible on the side of the filter, and technically this cross-reference number is written as KH-12-050-01.

Why the Need for Genuine Parts?

Kohler Engine

Kohler engines, like other standard engine manufacturers, do various classifications of engines. They manufacture both single and twin engines. Each specific number is fit only for that engine. You cannot fit an oil filter that is made for a twin-engine on a single Kohler engine just because the screws hold. Oil filters play a significant part in engines.


Contamination in an engine is a dangerous fault we cannot afford to have. When oil with a lot of contaminants enters the engine, that might create a lot of problems. With no filter or filters that do not function, you are inviting dust and mostly abrasive silica into your engine whenever you are turning it on. These dust and other contaminant particles stick up on your bearings and make your usage a pain.

The most dangerous case of faulty or non-functioning oil filters is abrasive explosions. These explosions occur because of the abrasive silica that had jumped upon your engine. When the engine starts running, the fire might spark this abrasive explosion, damaging something more than just your engine.

Cheap replacements

Kohler Engine

Like any other product, even oil filters have cheap alternatives. Third-party dealers create filters, particularly for each engine. They use less expensive and cost-friendly equipment to manufacture the product. Without the branding and other taxes, the cheap spare parts are readily available at half or a tad more than half the price of the original.

It would be best if you have used genuine parts, but if your pocket is tight and you are up for good maintenance, you can go for the third-party dealers. Many online reviews about the KH-12-050-01 cross-reference number state that as it is a single-engine, there is no specific problem in using third-party spare parts.

Of course, a few cheaper parts do not even function properly. When you are going for a more affordable alternative, make sure you do not go too cheap. As cheaper, we go in buying spare parts for an engine, as low the quality gets.

A mediocre spare part with an average rate can do the job as much as original for some time, at least. But it is not easy to find a cheaper alternative that performs as good or even better than the original parts.

STP 3512

Many people who have earlier used KH-12-050-01 cross-reference have migrated to third party oil filters to cut the expenses. Many reviews by customers who have verified purchases stated that STP 3512 is the best alternative for the cross-reference number KH-12-050-01.

The main reason for people to choose STP 3512 is that it costs around five dollars, which is way less than KH-12-050-01. Also, this affordable alternative fits right to the single Kohler engine.

Not only does its screws hold, but it also functions as well as the genuine filter. It is not sure if it is as durable as the original, but it sure is durable enough for a third-party product.

Other Cross-Reference Products

KH-12-050-01 cross-reference chart lists a lot of spare parts from various manufacturers. STP 3512 is, of course, the best of those alternatives. But many other filters do fit and work!

  • Fram PH3614
  • Supertech ST3614
  • Motor craft FL 910 S
  • Purolator L10241

These are listed as one of the top alternatives for KH-12-050-01 in the cross-reference chart by the original dealers. The dealers do mention this cross-reference chart for you to maintain the product in good shape regardless of what spare part you buy.

So, if the company is helping you with choosing the best ones, you do not need to worry. All you need to do is replace the filter from time to time and maintain it well.

The reason for the above list to be the best alternatives for KH-12-050-01 in the cross-reference chart is because all the oil filters mentioned above are identical to the original. They have the same size gasket, the same diameter, and all the other dimensions. Even the thread used in them is 3/4-16-inch thread, just like the one used in KH-12-050-01.

Fram PH3614

Primarily this oil filter was used in the 2003 model of Toyota engine. Toyota is a high-end company, and they would not use a faulty filter. It is standard and, in some cases, worked better than the KH-12-050-01 and other filters mentioned in the cross-reference charts.

But the price is considerably small, and you can purchase two of these filters in the place of one Kohler. The cost of this filter is a strong point to consider.

Supertech ST3614

One of the reasons why it topped the list other than the dimensions, diameter, and gasket is its price. With the price of one KH-12-050-01, you can buy three Supertech ST3614 from the cross-reference sheet.

Many engine-manufacturing companies use Supertech ST3614 because it is affordable and functions smoothly. It is not as durable as Kohler engines, but it is easily accessible and available. One thing to keep in mind is that ST3614 will not fit single-piston Kohler engines.

Motor Craft FL 910 S

Many users who own lawn mowers with Kohler engines have purchased Motor craft FL 910S to replace their Kohler filter. Their reviews state that it was a good alternative considering the price and then its durability.

This filter is surprisingly cheaper than STP3614, around 3 USD. That is quite affordable for everyone. If you have a mower you want to use for the long term, it is ideal to buy something as cheap as this one.

Purolator L10241

This filter is an alternative for the Kohler filters, but not as cheap as the other alternatives present in the KH-12-050-01 in the cross-reference chart. Unlike other options, it is better than the original itself.

Many reviews have praised Purolator for its functions and durability. Many others found it more durable than the original Kohler filter. Purolator is a standard manufacturing company that targets the quality of the product.


KH-12-050-01 cross-reference chart lists a lot of alternatives that can fit and function on the Kohler single piston engines. Not only third-party, but Kohler also lists other filters of their brand, such as Kohler ZT710 and ZT740. Not just the two, but there are many other filters by Kohler.

But after reading all about oil filters and customers’ reviews about the alternatives, Kohler products are standard but too pricey. If you can afford the Kohler filters with no sweat, you better purchase the original. But if you find buy originals occasionally, you can adapt to buy cheaper and more effective filters for your mower.

You can choose the most affordable and try it out, but you need to be careful while purchasing a third-party filter. You need to check a bit about the authenticity of the manufacturer. Even cheaper alternatives should be manufactured by companies that value quality over quantity!