In this article, we are going to discuss all the shortcomings of the Troy Bilt TB20CS 2 Cycle trimmers, i.e., why your troy bilt weed eater won’t start. If you own a big or a medium-sized house equipped with a garden and are a fan of gardening, then you are using two equipment that is supposedly responsible for maintaining the health of your garden.

These two types of equipment are lawn mower and weed trimmer. While the first is used to trim and maintain the grass of the lawn of the garden, the latter is specifically used to remove tall grass and weeds that grow along with the grass in your garden and hamper its beauty.

A weed eater is generally used at places where we are unable to use a lawnmower and are operated by holding them in hand. In contrast, the lawnmower cannot be pitched up as it is cumbersome and is designed to be used like a vehicle that trims grass beneath it. A small engine operates all this equipment.

Troy Bilt TB20CS 2 cycle weed eater is the new model of weed eater released by the Troy Bilt brand, which is one of the biggest names in the field of lawnmowers and grass trimmers, and its user base is spread across the globe.

Generally red, these trimmers are used to remove weeds from your lawn and have a two-cycle engine. This means that its crankshaft must complete only a single revolution for it to generate power and ignition. It is pretty much light in weight.

Because these are mechanical products and have an engine though a small one, they are not excluded from all the incidents of failures and malfunctions, which frustrate the buyer a lot. If you own a Troy Bilt TB20CS 2 cycle weed eater, then you might be suffering some problem that ruins your customer experience.

We have discussed below some problems that you might be facing while operating your weed eater, and we have also dived deeper into all the possible causes that led to this problem and their possible solutions.

Your Troy Bilt Weedeater will not Start

Troy Bilt TB20CS 2 Cycle Trimmer Weed Eater

This is one of the fundamental and most reckless problems that the users must face and complain about it a lot. There are instances when customers observe that their troy bilt weedeater won’t start despite all efforts, and this frustrates a lot of users. While this is a fundamental problem, there are a dozen possible causes for this problem. Let us discuss these causes one by one.

The reasons why your Troy Bilt Weedeater will not start are-

Empty Fuel Tank

It is difficult to check whether the fuel tank is empty or full or how much more fuel would be needed to fill the fuel tank as the level of fuel is not visible from the outside.

Solution- Care to check the level of fuel in the tank and if the tank is empty or it seems that it would run empty after a few moments, then fill the tank with the required fuel, which should be mixed with oil.

Primer bulb was not pressed enough number of times

The primer bulb, Which is present on the side of your weed trimmer’s engine, is a button that is specifically put to prime the engine,i.e., provide the engine with the necessary amount of fuel in the cylinders so that it can start and reach the ignition point. But sometimes you may happen to forget to press the premier button at all or for a required number of times, which is a must for the engine to start.

Solution- The solution for this problem is by far the easiest, and it should also be your immediate response when your troy bilt weed eater won’t start. You are needed to press the primer button repeatedly several times (ideally 10) and see whether the bulb is getting filled by the liquid. When the bulb is filled enough, pull the string of your weed trimmer, and try to start it.

Engine is flooded

Your primer bulb may be filled with fuel, but your troy bilt weed eater won’t start. In these cases, you need to realize that the fuel has flooded the engine, and the ratio of fuel to air has been imbalanced.

Solution- when you observe that despite the primer bulb being filled with fluid, your engine is unable to start and that your engine has been flooded, then squeeze the trigger and pull the starting rope repeatedly until the engine starts to work.

Old and improperly mixed fuel

The small engines used in lawnmowers and trimmers do not run solely on the fuel but run on the mixture of fuel and oil, and sometimes the fixtures you have poured might be either old or not sufficient. This sometimes also prevents the engine from getting started.

Solution- If you observe this to be the reason behind why your Troy Bilt weed eater will not start, then try emptying the tank and refilling the fuel tank with fresh oil and a proper mixture of oil and gas.

Fouled spark plug

Troy Bilt TB20CS 2

The spark plug is one of the essential elements of the engine responsible for the starting and running of the engine. The spark plug generates sparks from the electricity generated by the crankshaft through the process of magnetic induction. But sometimes your spark plug might get clogged because of the evaporation of the leftover fuel in the engine, or it may get damaged. If any of these happen, then your spark plug will be unable to generate electricity, and your engine will not start.

Solution- If you find your spark plug to be faulty, then try fixing it. Detach and clean it in case it has been clogged. In case the spark plug has been damaged, then you will be required to change it with a sound one because only then your engine is going to start.

Clogged or Damaged Spark Arrestor

The spark arrestor is a screen present in the exhaust that prevents combustible particles from leaving the exhaust, which can cause fire to the equipment, and it can become a safety hazard. Sometimes the spark arrestor gets clogged or damaged, which blocks the engine as it does not allow other particles to pass through.

Solution- In cases like these, what you are required to do is detach and clean the spark arrestor or replace it with a new one. Checking the spark arrestor more often is advisable as failing to do this can result in safety hazards.

Best Practices

Troy Bilt TB20CS 2 Cycle Trimmer

The above-mentioned are the reasons why Troy Bilt weed eater will not work. You need to be sure all these things are in the right place in case you need to fix your trimmer and want to start it again.

Regular maintenance of this machinery is always advisable, and you should abide by the manual given for the trimmer in case you are facing any issues. Though being small, these trimmers are very powerful. You must follow the instructions provided to keep yourself safe from accidents of any sort.

You are not advised to pull the starting rope with great force as it may break and result in addition to your problems. Try keeping this equipment away from kids and check it more often to see whether any fuel is leftover or not. If yes, then try to drain it as it might lead the carburetor to get clogged, which will result in further problems.

Try using good oil, which is fresh and not old, and useless oil that may ruin your trimmer. Well-maintained weed trimmers can be used up for more than ten years.

A person who is a gardener by hobby is not happier anytime in his life, but when he possesses the best of the gardening equipment, i.e., lawnmower and weed eater. A combination of these two will help you keep your garden clean and healthy.


An average weed eater(mechanized) comes at a price range of $150-$200 or even more. You should analyze all the limitations and problems that you might suffer after purchasing this equipment. You will have to make sure that the product is worth the investment or not if it is, then no problem. But if it is not, then you may want to reconsider your options. Be sure you make the right investment in your hobby and duty of keeping your garden clean and healthy.