It’s very trendy and common to have a lawn in these days, if you have a garden then it’s very reasonable that you have a lawnmower because there is extensive use of it to maintain the beauty and grass length.

If you don’t cut off the grass and leave it to grow as much as it can then it will ruin your lawn’s beauty so and you can’t cut the green of an actual length by your hands so, to make your yard beautiful and cut off all grass of same height, you should need a lawnmower.

Having a lawnmower is a severe duty because it will trouble you to start if you do not care about it and use it with an actual passage of time. So, if your troy built lawnmower will not start, then this post is just for you. However, before moving towards its problems, we need to know what a Lawnmower is and what are uses of it.

A lawnmower is a machine that utilizes one or more revolving blades to cut the grass surface of an actual length. The height of the cut grass can be fixed in the size and model of the lawnmower, but usually, they have adjustable blades that provide you with the authority to decide the height of the grass of your lawn. If you have a lawnmower, then you can cut off all grass of the same height and provide your garden a beautiful look.

Edwin Beard Budding invented the first lawnmower in 1830. He got the idea of making a lawnmower from the tool that was used for regular trimming of carpets. At that time, Budding invented a manual working lawnmower, and these days, the lawnmower comes with a variety of designs and operating systems.

Essential Parts of a Lawnmower

Essential Parts of a Lawnmower

Nowadays, there is an electric lawnmower, push lawnmower, riding lawnmower, self-propelled lawnmower even robotic lawnmower, all of them have the same essential lawnmower parts. Here we are going to mention some of the essential elements of a lawnmower.


The most important essential part of a lawnmower is the outer body or frame. It is made up of heavy-duty metals, generally with steel. Some of the mowers were made by plastic frame but mostly by the metallic body because the metal one is long-lasting and robust.

The outer framework is the essential part of a lawnmower because all the elements like blades, handles, and power supply attachments will be fitted in it.


Wheels are also one of the essential parts of a lawnmower. A bike is a circular rotating part that allows the body or the attached object to move. It can be made by both plastic and metals, but plastic one is suitable for lighter mowers, and the metallic one is best for heavyweight lawnmowers.

The operator’s system

A lawnmower has an actual method by which that is operated, and that system is known as the operator’s system. The operator’s policy of a lawnmower varies by the model and design it. For example, a push lawnmower has a handlebar to operate it, and on the other hand, ride on mower has steered to turn and button panels to produce blades and engine.

The blades

The blade is the topmost essential part of a lawnmower, and it does not matter what kind of lawnmower you have; everyone must have the blades. Lawnmower carries one or more metallic blades that rotate and cut off the grass horizontally. The blades are fitted underneath the body with a fixed axis.

Power source

Usually, a lawnmower comes with a variety of models, and each model has a different operating power source. There are following some power sources of a lawnmower, electricity or battery, fuel, and mechanical force.

Lawnmower, which utilizes the fuels and electric power, should have the engine but which is operated by a mechanical operating power source, don’t have any driver, and push lawnmower is a mechanical one which has the blades attached with wheel, when the motor rotates blades rotate too.

Fix Common Problems of Troy Bilt Self Propelled Lawnmower

Here I am going to describe some common problems of Troy Bilt self-propelled lawnmower that can be fixed by yourself easily. If your troy built lawnmower does not start, then use the below solutions to make it work again.

Spark plug

A spark plug is an essential part of the engine of a lawnmower that is attached to a wire to the engine. If you don’t use your lawnmower with a proper passage of time, then it may trouble you in the start, and if your lawnmower won’t start, the first thing you have to do is check the spark plug and clean all the dirt and mud from it and fix it again.

Drip out the gas from the carburetor bowl

Troy Bilt self-propelled lawn mower

The engine of a lawnmower has an attachment of carburetor bowl to the carburetor, and there is mainly one problem can be found in it, is the clogged gas which will not let the fuel dies.

While running the mower, the engine produces carbon dioxide, and if that gas gets stuck in the carburetor, then it will not let the mower start. To fix this problem, keep a cup under the lawnmower carburetor bowl to catch the oil spills. Then loosen the bowl nuts and open it to the lower bowl to drip out the gas.

Check carburetor’s condition

With a proper passage of time, you should clean the carburetor. If you do not, then it will lead to a problem with the carburetor. If your lawnmower doesn’t start then, you should take a look at the carburetor’s condition if you find chalky or powdery corrosion then your carburetors are in no condition to work correctly, and to fix it you have to do something that removes all the rust and take it back to work.

Clean the jet

Jet is a part of the engine that is covered by the bowl, and there is only one problem that can be found in it, the blockage of the jet, which won’t let the fuel and gas pass through it. If you get this problem, then you can fix it by removing the carburetor bowl and clean it after reading the manual.

If it runs rough after the cleaning

After the central jet cleaning, if you got the engine start, but it runs roughly and producing smoke then, there is only two options left; rebuild it or replace it.

So, it was the solution if your troy bilt lawnmower will not start. Try to check all of them, and I am pretty sure your lawnmower will start working again.

Buyer’s guide for Troy Bilt self-propelled mower

Troy Bilt self-propelled mower

If you are going to buy a Troy Bilt self-propelled lawnmower, then you should look at the following points. If you do not, then, you will get problems very soon.

Front-wheel vs. rear-wheel drive

While buying a self-propelled lawnmower, you should look for a better working mower whose wheels are profoundly grounded, and which moves finely even on rough surfaces. There are two options of wheel drive in a lawnmower: front-wheel and rear-wheel drive.

Front-wheel drive

Front-wheel lawnmower brings a lot of troubles with it like if you are trimming the grass with your front-wheel-drive mower and lift it from front to turn it then, you have to apply manual force to move forward and it doesn’t walk finely on the rough surfaces that are the reason why the front-wheel lawnmowers are inexpensive.

Rear-wheel drive

Rear-wheel drive mower has profoundly grounded wheels that make good contact with the surface and move swiftly. Rear-wheel drive mower is best in use. If you lift it from front to take a turn then, you do not have to push it, and rear-wheel drive mowers swiftly contact the ground after the jump. Rear-wheel drive mowers are expensive than the front-wheel mowers.

Adjustable speed

If you are going to buy a self-propelled lawnmower, then you should look for one which has an adjustable speed controller. If you get the mower with variable speed, then it will trouble you a lot; it will be too fast to cut long and thick grass.

When you buy a mower with adjustable speed, then it will be straightforward for you to cut off the grass easily. You can adjust the speed according to your lawn condition, thickness, and length of grass and your physical condition as well.

Power supply

There are two main power supplies of a lawnmower- gas and electricity and each has pros and cons.

Gas lawnmower: Gas mower generally has more power that can smoothly run for the very last of your mowing session. The maintenance of a gas lawn mower is a bit expensive and complicated. It has a pull cord to start, which can be hard for some people.

Electric lawnmower: Electric lawnmower comes with two power options; battery and corded lawnmower. Electric battery lawnmowers are quite easier and cleaner to start and work, but that cannot be run for so long. On the other hand, corded electric lawnmowers give you unlimited time for your mowing sessions.

Wider deck

The deck is the fullest part of a lawnmower, which decides how wide the machine can cut. If you want to buy a lawnmower that takes less time to trim your lawn and make a broad impact on the ground, then I highly prefer you to purchase one which has a full deck.

To buy the replaceable parts of a Troy Bilt self-propelled lawnmower, click the link below and enter the part name and model code.


Here I have described the about the Troy Bilt self-propelled mower, their main problems, and ways to fix them, and the buyer’s guide to picking up the best self-propelled lawnmower. You can follow the above steps if your troy bilt lawn mower does not start. If you find this article helpful then, kindly share your feedback.