Maintaining the garden of your dreams is not an easy task and is also time taking. But with the right garden tools, the job becomes much more comfortable and efficient. But choosing the right tool is also not a cakewalk itself. We have seen that people encounter difficulty in choosing between the two popular power tools, Stihl FS55R and Echo SRM 225. Customers sometimes rub their heads while comparing these two.

Stihl FS55R is a brush cutter that is a relatively powerful machine that is used to cut thick vegetations like weeds and rough grasses. A string trimmer like Echo SMR is a grass tool that has a monofilament line in place of blades to cut the grass. It is also known as a weed eater or a weed whip as it removes the weeds and grass from your garden.

Before jumping into conclusions, let’s have a detailed discussion on the features and customer reviews of both Echo SRM 225 String Trimmer and Stihl FS 55R Brush Cutter. The former is gas-powered trimmer, and the later is a petrol-based brush cutter.

Echo SRM 225 String Trimmer

If you are looking for an agile and resilient trimmer which is gas-powered, then Echo SRM 225 Straight shaft trimmer is your terminus. This swift and convenient stringer gives you the ultimate hassle-free experience while cutting weeds and grass. This easy to clean and maintain trimmer comes at a pocket-friendly price. With a strong engine and 400 trimmer head Speed Feed system, the trimmer is unbearable.


  • Fifty-nine inches Straight Shaft Stringer.
  • 21.2 cc, 2 Stroke, Professional Grade Engine.
  • Vibration Reduction System.
  • Thirty seconds Trimmer Head Reload.
  • 14.2 fluid ounces Fuel Capacity.
  • Gasoline Powered Machinery.
  • 17 inches Cutting Swath.
  • Four layered Drive Shaft Cable.
  • iStarter System.
  • Lightweight and User Friendly.
  • Dimensions – 71.5 x 14.5 x 13.8 inches.
  • Weight – 192 ounces.
  • Easy Maintenance.
  • Price Range- Around 250 dollars.

Detailed Review

The Echo SRM 225 Trimmer comes with a five-year consumer warranty and a two-year commercial warranty. The long straight shaft allows the user to keep his or her back straight, preventing lower back pain after a hefty trimming day and also helps in reaching small closed spaces in the yard. The iStarter system, along with the 21.2 ccs professional-grade engine, lets you start the machine with 33% less effort.

The trimmer head is known as “Speed Feed” due to its fast rotating capability that makes it the best weed eater of its time. Every machine starts trembling with an absolute increase in Engine force and speed. But thanks to the in-built Vibration Reduction System, the trimmer is very stable and easy to handle. Just take note to clean the air filter and fuel filter at regular intervals.

Amazon Reviews

The Echo SRM 225 Trimmer has a more than average rating of 4.1 out of 5. People love this product. According to the customers, this trimmer is a must-have and works like a champion. But some people who had a negative experience with the product say that the cutter is not sharp and the fuel tank is too small.

There are some complaints about the shield being narrow and how people are getting hit by stones while using the trimmer.

But overall, most of the customers are happy with their choice of Echo SRM 225 String Trimmer.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Handle
  • Vibration Reduction Technology
  • iStarter system
  • Ergonomic design
  • Excellent power output
  • Extension cord not required, as it is gas-powered


  • Small fuel tank
  • Narrow shield
  • Lack of some necessary attachments
  • Get stuck in heavy weeds and grass

Stihl FS 55R Brush Cutter

Stihl FS 55R Plastic Brush Cutter is the king of petrol-based brush cutters available in the market. It has a loop handle design which is best for uneven terrain and closed spaces. It comes with an Autocut Line Head and has a very advanced design and ergonomic grip. If you are looking for a low weight brush cutter with petrol as the power source, then Stihl FS 55R can be your first choice.

BBTUS STIHL AutoCut 25-2 Trimmer Head,Brush Cutter Garden Tool Accessories Garden Lawn Mower Trimmer Head Replacement for STIHL FS55R /FS85/ FS120 /FS250,Echo 140/200 /210/230 /250/260/ 300/302 /311
  • Thread Size ※10mm x 1.0mm LH
  • Diameter ※12cm, Weight:0.4Kg
  • ※This trimmer head comes with string whose size is 0.095"
  • ※Replacement for: STIHL AutoCut 25-2, used for STIHL FS55R /FS85/ FS120 /FS250 ,ECHO 140 /200 /210 /230 /250 /260/ 300/ 302 /311 /2500
  • ※It is NOT an original Stihl trimmer head. Please kindly note this before your purchase.


  • 27.2 cc, 2 Stroke, Professional Grade FS 55 Engine.
  • 0.75 kW Power Output (hight power to weight ratio)
  • 330 ml of fuel tank capacity.
  • Vertical pleated air filter.
  • Long, solid, steel drive shaft.
  • Multi-Function Control Handle.
  • Manual Fuel Pump.
  • Loop Handle.
  • Basic Harness provided.
  • 170 cm total length.
  • Electronic Ignition Module.
  • Retrofitted equipment available.
  • Weight – 172 ounces.
  • Price – Around 380 dollars.

Detailed Review:

The Stihl FS 55R is a lightweight and low maintenance power tool with rich features. The trimmer has a multi-function control handle with push buttons to operate the machine while trimming. The operator’s hands are always on the handle, and you can take charge of the device by using just the thumb.

This gives a swift and comfortable grip and command on the lawn trimmer. The company also provides a basic harness as a manual attached to the loop handle of the device.

The loop handle and the long straight shaft of Stihl FS 55R heps to reach small and confined areas like thinning between shrubs and bushes.

It also provides a wide-angle ergonomic grip to the user, which prevents extended wrist movement and reduces the chances of wrist joint injury. The company also provides accessories like Goggles to provide protection against UV rays and flying particles. Other Retrofitted equipment like Ergostart and Universal Harnesses are also delivered with the Stihl FS 55R Brush Cutter.

This device also has a small Manual Fuel Pump to transfer fuel to the carburetor. This ensures less starting strokes are required to switch on the engine so that breaks at regular intervals does not make the work hefty.

Extra Equipment

  • Goggles – Whenever you go trimming on relatively rocky terrain, there is a chance of optical injury due to flying debris landing on the eye. Wearing glasses for protection from UV radiation and flying particles is a precaution that must be taken. So, the company provides you with Goggles along with the Stihl Power Tools.
  • STIHL ErgoStart – There will be a starter cord in the Stihl power tool which have to be pulled to start the 27 cc engine. The connection of the starter cord with the crankshaft through a coil spring makes the starting process more straightforward. Only one-third of the reasonable force is required to switch the machine on.
  • Advance Universal Harness – The harness has very soft padding to give you comfortable working experience.
  • ADVANCE PLUS Universal Harness – Comes with a carry ring to attach and detach the clearing saw quickly.

Amazon Reviews

Amazon has an average rating of 3.6 out of 5 for Stihl FS 55R Plastic Brush Cutter. Though the customer reviews are not much detailed, some of them provide useful insight.

The customers like the product but have their complaints as well.

According to them, the trimmer works fine and is easy to use and maintain. But weeding is a bit difficult with the Brush Cutter while cutting grass is easy. The main issue with the product is that its fuel consumption is quite high.

Overall, the product has excellent features with smooth handling ability.


  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • Long straight shaft for narrow corners.
  • Very smooth grip and handling.
  • Available with necessary attachments.


  • Fuel consumption is higher.
  • The price is a bit high.

Precautions that must be taken while using String Trimmer

  • Always wear gloves and eye protection.
  • Clean the yard of any stones or hard particles before starting to trim.
  • Do not go near a fire with the trimmer in hand.
  • Wear boots to protect your foot.
  • Keep your mouth close.
  • Make sure that children are not playing on the ground.
  • Make sure the trimmer has fuel in the fuel tank before starting the engine.


Trimmers are much better than lawnmowers as they are relatively lightweight, easy to use and maintain, and are perfect for cutting weeds, grasses, and shrubs. In this discussion, we talked about two top-rated lawn trimmers and their features and downsides.

Both of the Trimmers are a masterpiece in their way, but if I have to choose one, I’ll go with the Echo SRM 225 Trimmer. This is because it is comparatively lighter, has a lower price, and does both grass cutting and weeding with equal efficiency. The small fuel tank is not a significant issue, and blunt blades are more than compensated by the rotating speed of the trimmer head.

But if you have some more money to spend, then you can also go with the Stihl FS 55R as it delivers essential accessories and attachments along with the product for smoother sailing.

Also, take proper precautions while trimming to put a check on physical injury.