Odd Society Spirits Wallflower Gin

The team at Odd Society Spirits takes pride in ingenuity and originality, and their gin is certainly created with this in mind. If there ever was a gin that could tackle unsuspecting imbibers, it is Wallflower Gin. Like the unexpected burst of happy, joyful indulgence of running through a sprinkler, Wallflower delivers a stunning, well-balanced flavour experience that is uniquely subtle and delightful.

If it has ever taken a back bench to some of the more well-known local craft gins, it certainly doesn’t deserve to. Drinking this gin neat is the opposite of the boringness you’d maybe expect of a Wallflower – it starts with lot of bright classic gin botanical flavour, quickly evolving into a more complex floral undertone, and finishes sweet and clean. If you can stop sipping it long enough to use it in a mixed drink, you’ll find that it is extraordinarily versatile.

Perhaps this is what Odd Society wanted to achieve with the name Wallflower – celebration of those too shy to be the life of the party, yet with more character and substance than could ever be imagined. If this is the case, they hit the nail on the head. The more you get to know Wallflower gin, the more its clean, delicate subtleness makes you wonder how you could ever possibly overlook it.


Smell – coriander and juniper, soft floral notes, elegant

Taste – bright gin botanicals and delicately floral; overall light sweetness with a hint of citrus

In a G&T – I honestly think there are other types of gin drinks that probably better showcase Wallflower gin, but it does also make a nice G&T. It’s best to balance the floral sweetness with a light, dry tonic such as Fever tree naturally light or even club soda with lemon or lime peel as a garnish. This gin is also certainly a good one to play around with some more non-traditional garnishes.

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