Do Design 2013
A streetwide event showcasing contemporary design presented by the Trinity Bellwoods BIA.

The third annual Do Design event will turn storefronts on Dundas Street West between Bathurst Street and Shaw Street, into exhibition venues for design objects. Happening in conjunction with Toronto design week and the Toronto Interior Design Show, Do Design’s unique format provides an alternative way to see and discover design in the city. The visitor’s experience is shaped in and between the event’s diverse range of host venues, which includes boutiques, cafés, restaurants, a pharmacy, a hardware store, beauty parlors, and a dentist’s office. Most pieces will be visible from the street and may be viewed outside of opening hours. Admission is free.

For further information please contact event coordinators, at [email protected] or telephone MADE at 416 607 6384.

Do Design Map 2013
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Exhibitor List 2013

Do Design Comittee
Julie Nicholson
Shaun Moore
Arounna Khounnoraj
Jerry Waese

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The January event
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Call for Design Submissions

We seek design submissions for the second year of Do Design. The inaugural 2011 event was highly successful due to intense public and media interest. In January 2012, Do Design will introduce the temporary display of the work of contemporary designers (furniture, objects, architectural or graphic) into a variety of participating business venues in the Trinity Bellwoods Business Improvement Area which stretches along Dundas St West from Bathurst to Grace streets. Works of design will be displayed for four days in diverse storefronts/cafe’s/walkups/windows. Do Design will expand its 2012 program with the introduction of a guided walking tour of venues and design works. The event highlights design culture in a vibrant neighbourhood during the time of the Toronto Interior Design Show and design week in Toronto.