Dead End

After my breakup from a serious relationship, I found a new guy during my “finding myself” phase. At first we said that we would take things slow, but things quickly turned intimate. He comforts me, holds my hand, kisses me on the forehead randomly, cuddling with me at night. That’s all great but when I said that we should take our relationship to the next step, he says that he just wants to take it slow because of his rough past. Is this a lost cause? Should I give up and run?

Divorce with Regret

Since my ex-husband’s wife became critically ill, he started reaching out to me for support and just to talk. I am thinking he is letting me know that if something happens to his wife he wants us to be together again. Are my thoughts just wishful thinking or is he giving me subtle hints?

Dating Problems for a Guy

Despite the world being obsessed with “social justice”, you won’t read about women’s pervasive patterns of racial, height, or other looks discrimination against men or how difficult they are to counteract. You won’t read about the growing inequities in the dating marketplace these create. I feel harshly discriminated against by women every day in the dating marketplace for things I can’t control.

Fearful of Drug Past

When I met my partner and we shared our past I knew we were different. He had been into drugs and weed until he hit 30, I had been previously married with two children and never touched a drug. But we hit it off because this was 3yrs behind him. Now, we are several years later and I am fearful of what a relapse could do to our relationship.

Broken Heart Lifestyle

Hello! I’m 40 and full of energy. I’m growing my own company and doing yoga and running with my dogs. I have been in love four times in my life and married one of the three men in those four (there was one woman). My husband bolted at the prospect of having children and I was devastated but I’ve moved on. Outside of those four, I’ve barely even had crushes. The problem is, I’m getting older and it feels like having a broken heart is really becoming a lifestyle for me. How do I find love in my 40s?