Free social emotional learning resources for elementary and middle school children.


Free accounts currently available to parents and guardians. Streaming books - search for "social skills." Take home lesson plans are also available.

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Sesame Street video on emotions


Student support professionals are carrying a uniquely difficult burden right now. While contending with your own uncertainty, stress, and worry, you are also tasked with supporting and guiding others through this difficult moment. This resource is for you. The following strategies can help you maintain your strength and resilience in the coming weeks.

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Perspectives of Troy - Offering Teletherapy

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Theme Day Ideas for Family Fun at Home


Free social emotional learning podcasts, printables, lessons, and home activities.

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A site for parents actively supporting kids' social emotional development.


Social skills activities for kids

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Yoga With Adriene For Kids! A special yoga practice in the park - for the kid in everyone! Hop like a frog on your mat, connect to your breath and move in a way that feels good. Use your imagination as you stretch your body and calm your mind! Then fly like a crow to test your limits and reach your goals!

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Free Resources for De-Escalating Crisis Situations


Michigan Department of Education Social Emotional Learning Resources

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Free accounts currently available to parents and guardians. Social emotional learning topics/lessons/videos by grade.


Strategies and printables you can use at home.

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PreK-K cognitive skills for early learning

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12 Movies to Help Kids Learn Empathy

School Cancellation and Trauma Resource.

COVID-19, School Cancellations, and Trauma

Dealing with Coronavirus Anxiety: Expert Tips