Everyday Life in Italy in the 1950s

These beautiful vintage photographs of Italy that will make you want to time travel...

Two women hailing a Vespa Taxi-Scooter, in Milan. April 1952. (Keystone / Getty Images)

Two musicians play instruments in Calabria, southern Italy. Circa 1950. (Evans/Three Lions / Getty Images)

The Reschen Lake in southern Tyrol, which covers the sunken village of Graun, on August 13, 1953. (Keystone / Getty Images)

A man sells cherries from a market stall in Naples. Circa 1952. (Picture Post/Hulton Archive / Getty Images)

Sophia Loren on location at Ostia Antica for the filming of ‘La Fortuna di Essere Donna’ with the French actor Charles Boyer. (Enzo Graffeo/BIPs / Getty Images)

British violonist Yehudi Menuhin and his wife Diana eating spaghetti before a concert the Maestro gave in Venice. (Afp / AFP / Getty Images)

A stall holder selling live crabs at a market in an Italian fishing town. Circa 1950. (Felix Man/Hulton Archive / Getty Images)

Girls on the Venetian island of Burano learning the art of making lace. Circa 1954. (Three Lions / Getty Images)

A young barber at work on an elderly client in Italy. 1955. (Keystone / Getty Images)

A tour boat leaves harbor for the ‘Blue Grotto’ on the isle of Capri. Circa 1955. (Nocella/Three Lions / Getty Images)

A schoolboy walks through the rain in Saint Mark’s Square, Venice. March 1958. (Koenig/BIPs / Getty Images)

A group of unemployed men playing cards on a street corner, Sicily. Circa 1955. (Three Lions/Hulton Archive / Getty Images)

Italian driver Alberto Ascari steers his Lancia at the finish line of the 1000 Miles race in Rome. May 1954. (Stf / AFP / Getty Images)

Italy’s Fausto Coppi finishing the seventeenth lap of the bicycle race across Italy. June 1952. (AP Photo/B)

Laundry is pinned across an entire building on wash day in Sicily. 1955. (Patrick Miller/Archive Photos / Getty Images)

Italian film stars Vittorio Gassman and Silvana Mangano wait for a take in Venice. February 1954. (AP Photo)

Famous Italian film and stage actress Anna Magnani in Rome. January 1952. (AP Photo/Lucio D’Aloisio)

Sophia Loren on location at Ostia Antica for the filming of ‘La Fortuna di Essere Donna’. 1955. (Enzo Graffeo/BIPs / Getty Images)

A pair of priests read ‘L’Osservatore’ outside St Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City. Circa 1955. (Evans/Three Lions / Getty Images)

An Italian man watches an American tourist walking her poodle down the Spanish Steps in Rome. Circa 1955. (Evans/Three Lions / Getty Images)

Young Italian men having lunch in a cafe in Rome and reading the communist paper ‘Unita’ and the socialist ‘Avanti’. Circa 1955. (Evans/Three Lions / Getty Images)

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