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44 Amazing Photographs That Captured Daily Life of New York City in 1983

German photographer Thomas Hoepker takes us back to New York City in 1983 through his amazing photographs below...

The Midtown Manhattan skyline seen through a misty window.

Chinatown's Canal Street after a blizzard.

Central park during a public concert with picknickers, seen from air.

Residents sit in a vacant lot of a ruined neighborhood in East Harlem.

Crowd on St. Patricks Day during parade on Fifth Ave.

A woman listens to the radio during the St. Patricks Day Parade on Fifth Avenue.

A man walks on Fifth Aveneue with a homemade speed bike.

New York City Police at the St. Patrick's Day Parade.

The annual Russian Nobility Ball at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel.

An African-American family in their apartment in the Bedford Stuyuvesant section of Brooklyn.

Men dressed in costumes in front of St. Patrick's Cathedral on Fifth Avenue for the Easter Parade.

A man sun bathes in the East Village.

Fireworks over the Brooklyn Bridge and Lower Manhattan.

The Midtown Manhattan skyline seen from a Queens cemetery.

Nature reclaims some burned-out territory in the South Bronx.

Old man and boy in Lubavitcher Synagogue in Brooklyn.

Harlem, children playing in the spray of a fire hydrant on a hot summer day.

A gay couple on Christopher Street in Greenwich Village.

Andy WARHOL with groupies in Manhattan's Xenon night club. "High Voltage" is at right.

An opening party at a SoHo gallery.

A bag lady in Chelsea.

Movie extras taking time off during a film shoot on Park Avenue South

Manhattan midtown with Ciicorp Building during a lightning storm.

Party on a Chelsea rooftop with hostess Diane Brill.

A girl sunbathes on a Midtown Manhattan rooftop.

The Garment District in Manhattan along W 25th Street.

Central Park in winter.

Subway rider on Lexington Avenue Line.

A damaged window of a former dock building on Westway.

Autumn in Central Park.

New York City Police horse patrol in Central Park in winter.

A dog smokes a cigarette in Washington Square Park.

A view of the Midtown Manhattan skyline from the Woolman Ice Rink in Central Park.

A wedding party with bridesmaids on Fifth Ave in Harlem.

Public telephone on Fifth Avenue.

A driver dressed in drag is on his way to the Gay Parade in the East Village.

Street in East Harlem.

A Brooklyn school student sits with a painting of an arsonist and a father who carries the whole world on his shoulder.

A girl listens to the radio in Washington Square Park.

Man at a telephone booth on Fifth Avenue.

Lover's Lane

A view of the Manhattan skyline from the marshes near JFK Airport in Queens.

A jogger stretches at the Central Park Resevoir.

A mixed-race couple in Central Park.

(Photos © Thomas Hoepker/Magnum Photos)

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