15 Beautiful Color Photos of Street Scenes of Cairo in the 1910s

These hand-colored lantern slides brings to life a bygone era...

Attending a funeral in Cairo.

Here’s a wedding procession in Helwan, a city just south of Cairo.

Beggars and locals at a sidewalk cafe in the Place De L’Opera in Cairo.

Passing through Bab Zuweila, a medieval gate in Cairo, dating back to the Ottoman empire.

This is how you got around in Egypt in 1910.

The Kalaoun Mosque in Cairo, built in the early 14th century.

Laundry hanging in a Cairo street.

The entrance of Cairo’s El Akmar mosque, built in 1125!

Men walk down a street in Cairo.

A bazaar/market in Cairo.

A covered Cairo side street.

Selling soft drinks in Helwan.

Street vendors in Helwan.

People attend an Arabic folk festival.

Prostitutes at Cairo’s fish market.

(Photos: Oesterreichsches Volkshochschularchiv/Imagno / Getty Images, via BuzzFeed)


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