Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Clever Finger Portraits by Juliana Coutinho

Brazilian photographer Juliana Coutinho has produced a lot of beautiful photos, but her series ‘Little Fingers‘ is especially clever. In it, she’s taken her interest in portrait photography to an unusual place: people’s hands. She draws faces on fingers–not just happy faces, but a wide variety of characters and emotions. In this way, she’s able to show all kinds of famous scenes and archetypes, as if being a finger was how portraits were meant to be done.

Creative Surreal Photo Manipulations

Photographs of Sunlight, Shadows, Stars, and Storms on the Atlantic by Jakob Wagner

Duesseldorf, Germany-based photographer Jakob Wagner wants to show you how diverse photographs of the Atlantic Ocean can be. The images in his series “Madeiran Weather” are all of the same patch of coastal area, yet they are drastically different from one another due to the weather.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Sport Balls Replaced with Cats

“Sport Balls Replaced with Cats” – the project of photos of cats replaced with balls during a game of football, basketball, baseball and others.

Photographer Takes a Boy with Muscular Dystrophy on an Imaginary Adventure

Slovenia-based photographer Matej Peljhan recently teamed up with a 12-year-named Luka who suffers from muscular dystrophy, to create a wildly imaginative series of photos depicting the boy doing things he is simply unable to do because of his degenerative condition. While he can still use his fingers to drive a wheelchair and to draw, things like skateboarding and swimming are simply not possible.

(via Colossal)

The Incredible Painted Handimals of Guido Daniele

Guido Daniele is an award-winning artist from Soverato, Italy. Born in 1950, Daniele lives and works in Milan. Over his 40+ year career, Guido has done both commercial/advertising work as well as group and solo exhibitions around the world.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Photos From The London Marathon Showing Support For Boston

There were many signs of sympathy and support for the city of Boston at the London marathon sunday.

Zoo Portraits Show Off Animals in Snazzy Dress

We have no idea if it’s digital manipulation or animals actually dressed up, but is this not the best portrait series ever? Barcelona-based photographer Yago Partal is the man behind the Zoo Portraits Tumblr, which is definitely worth checking out.

The Loves of Animals

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Stunning Landscapes Illuminated by Faraway Galaxies

In these photographs, by Aaron Groen, it's very easy to get lost in each of his starry wonderlands. A Series of Dark Places is a collection of work in which the South Dakota-based artist juxtaposes the beauty of the universe against the many familiar natural and man-made forms here on Earth. Using long exposures, he captures magical landscapes filled with dreamy atmospheres, stunning color palettes, and galaxies far, far away.