Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Volkswagen Bus Inspired Dub Box Camper Trailer

The Volkswagen Bus has inspired a handful of camping equipment over the years including the VW Bus Camper Tent, but nothing has ever caught our attention quite like the Dub Box Camper.

Taking on the iconic retro styling of the VW Bus, this camper trailer is perfect for camping just about anywhere. The custom trailer comes with all sorts of options and accessories like a double bed, retro styled refrigerator, aluminum blinds for privacy, several different upholstery options, iPhone ports, the option for a pop up top, and much more. Of course the iconic two tone paint is standard on all of the Dub Box Campers. You can purchase yours from the website starting around $22,000.



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  2. The Volkswagen bus inspired dub box camper is an excellent bus. You will enjoy travelling in it